Frequently asked questions

On the hourly runs: yes
On the private tours: no, only cash payment to the driver or according to our prior arrangements (voucher or invoice)

Unfortunately not possible, but wheel chair can be stored at the departure point.

Yes – the train is equipped with canvas sheets that will protect you from rain and wind.
The driver is allowed to cancel the run in case of a storm.

It depends – small dogs are very welcome on board if they can stay under the benches or on one’s lap. On the other hand, big dogs are not permitted on board.

Yes – A short 10-minute stop is planned for each standard ride. Weather permitting, you may even buy a glass of wine.
When on a private ride, if desired it is possible to arrange for a stop at a winegrower’s cellar for wine tasting. Please include an extra hour.

No – trains can be boarded only from Cully or Lutry landing pier according to the timetable.

Trains depart from either Cully or Lutry landing piers. For more details, kindly see the « Getting here » tab.

Kindly see the « Getting here » tab for more details.

Yes – you can buy bottles of wine as well as souvenir glasses at either departure point. Plastic glasses are also available free of charge.

WC facilities are only available at departure points.

Lavaux Express is not recommended for pregnant women because in some places there are tremors and bumps that can cause contractions.

On the HOURLY RACES only the "Train du Caveau" stops for 45 minutes in a cellar for a tasting included in the price.
The other time trains stop 15 minutes in the vineyards at mid-course where passengers are given the opportunity to buy a glass of wine, except in case of bad weather.

On PRIVATE RACES, if a stop and tasting at a winegrower's is requested during the journey, 1 hour must be added to the travel time. If tasting is requested at the end of the course, after the race, there is no extra hour for the train.
The price of the tasting is not included in the train rental price.

On a hourly race, up to 18 people can be booked, depending on availability.

You may get izi.TRAVEL app on your smartphone (geolocation compulsory) and you will be able to listen to either ‘’Lavaux Express boucle de Lutry’’ or ‘’Lavaux Express boucle de Cully " guides/comments. At present, French and English versions are available, the German version will be available at a later stage. Disposable earphones on sale at the cash desk (CHF 2.-).
Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to grab our ‘’mini-guide’’ in French, German and English, please ask for it at our counter, our hostess will be pleased to help.

The train compartments are separated by a plexiglass window. We do not place persons or groups of persons together with other passengers in the same compartment.
Wearing a mask during the entire journey is compulsory. Checks are carried out by the police.
On the "Train du caveau", in the cellar, passengers are not mixed up. Each reservation group is placed at a separate table or at a distance of 1m50 from another group of passengers.

 Bienvenue! Le port du masque est obligatoire. Réservation en ligne recommandée. Joyeux printemps! 
Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie wieder begrüßen zu dürfen. Das Tragen einer Maske ist obligatorisch. Reservierung online wird empfohlen. Fröhlicher Frühling! 
We look forward to welcoming you back. Wearing a mask is mandatory. Online reservations are recommended. Happy Spring!